Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Creative Power Of Subconscious Thought By Stephen Richards

If a painter started out with a canvas and a brush and changed his/her mind every fifteen minutes, what result could he/she expect? So why should we expect any different result in molding the greatest of all substances – thought-form?

The result of uncertainty and negative thought can result in the loss of material wealth. Supposed independence which required many years of slog and endeavor suddenly disappears! However, the only real independence is to be found in the creative power of subconscious thought.

Subconscious thought is what we bring into play when true manifesting is practiced.  Conscious thinking is something we do naturally, and any type of manifesting from this part of the mind shows up in all facets of our lives if we realize it or not. Sadly, though, our conscious minds are filled with set beliefs, set possibilities, and to manifest what the conscious mind feels is impossible IS impossible!

However, if we truly want to amaze ourselves and bring into play true manifesting, then it is what we employ from the subconscious mind that is the most productive of manifesting!

With regards any type of manifesting, when you are inspired or not inspired, you created it! If you could look back at a notation of all the things that you thought or felt on a subject you could in all probability spot what thoughts and feelings created the results that you are experiencing right now.

Often, though, it is unconscious thoughts that control the manifestation of things, but if you examine your thoughts and feelings you will usually notice their presence and content.

We are often stalked in our minds by our recurring, limiting thoughts! It would be easy to say, “Just give them no notice”, but if you feel negative thoughts or feelings just realize what they are! And, of course, negative feelings have little power if you do not dwell on them or give energy to them. However, that’s rather like saying, “Don’t think of a hot air balloon coming to land on you!” Because sure enough, the more you try to eradicate those limiting thoughts from bouncing around in your head, those negative thoughts are going to be bouncing around in your head more and more!

So what can you do? You can put a veneer over them and focus on what you want but this isn’t a natural process to get rid of those limiting thoughts, as they are still lurking beneath the surface!

So when people say, “Focus on what you want and feel good about it,” well that’s all good and well if you have a positive mindset from the outset.  Trying to raise your vibration of your energy towards beautiful things if your energy is bad can take some time to build new habits and your thoughts may drift without noticing.

Allowing a negative sentence in your head to end itself forms the very nucleus of negative thought-forms! So ideally you should be slowing down those thoughts, word by word. Actually go into the self-limiting thought and get hold of each word and see yourself holding it back and not allowing the text from it to continue! Then when you have a hold on that mind chatter start telling yourself how great you are, see those words in your mind’s eye, see only those and allow those words to run free!

That is just for starters! The rest is up to you.

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