Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Manifesting A Successful Future For Your Child By Stephen Richards

Let's face it, every parent wants a successful future for their children. With every generation comes change, what we didn't have as children is far surpassed by what children have today, yet you want even more for them.

Research has suggested that by time a child reaches the age of seven their personality is set, all you can do after this time is round off the edges a little to help shape them to face an uncertain future.

Where the real inroads into manifesting a successful future for your child is in the pre-school years, and even earlier than this is when the child is still in their mother's womb.

The child that has not been wronged knows no hurt, knows no setback, knows no emotional pain. What is a wrong though? Some parents feel guilty about using some means of carrot and a stick to manipulate their child into doing something. Reward for doing right, punitive measures for doing wrong.

I see so many children being given free reign when I am out and about, I do take great notice of how the parents just seem to have no tendencies within them to steer their child into a self-controlled state. Of course we can put this down to the new generation of parents that were brought up in a totally different way to the way their parents were, and so it goes on until eventually the child may become very self-centered and bombastic as an adult.

However, I digress somewhat ... as by time the child is out of control it is too late to blame some socially fashionable condition on how little Jimmy or Jenny had to contend with some sort of disability and hence their emotional growth was stunted because of that!

The soundtrack of a child's upbringing will follow them around for the rest of their lives, so be sure to play the right one to them. There is currently a lot of emphasis on accelerated learning and creating child prodigies. There's always a new product or gizmo on the market aimed at fascinated parents looking for a way to help their child get a foot on the ladder of success.

Far be it from me to say throw such items away, because daddy or mammy always knows what's best for their child. However, there is the one per cent of parents that are not pulled along by mainstream media advertising ... they much prefer to think for themselves and make positive and calculated decsions in the best interests of their child's development.

It is this one per cent of parents that will create the next generation of successful children. Just look at how many parents buy their children early learning toys and gadgets, all of these children are not going to make it to the top ten of the music charts or become a CEO of a top company, there are just not enough of those positions available to accommodate all. There has to be someone to do the menial tasks, but every parent just doesn't want their child to end up doing such a job when they eventually leave the educational mill of life.

So here is where you decide if you really want to go down a different route than the mainstream of raising a child to be a success in life rather than just following the other sheep. From my own research into this I have come to my own conclusions, it is your choice if you look deeper into it and become a little more savvy than some other parents out there.

Memories in adults can be rekindled by virtue of a sound, a smell, seeing something that reminds them of a special time, etc ... these are all triggers that are deep-seated within them that allow an emotional connection to a part of their brain that has the power to manifest.

Of course that does not mean to say that just because you were brought up in some rundown place that you are not going to have any sensory connection with visionary cortex stimulation! It has nothing to do with where you are brought up as to if you are going to be successful or not.

Admittedly, a child brought up in Monaco may enjoy more comforts of home than a child brought up in Zambia's outback, but that is not something that has an overall bearing on a child's ability to grow up into a manifesting machine.

The neurons of a child grow and control functions such as seeing, hearing and moving, etc. Having these neurons stimulated from birth ensures that child's ability to develop is kept in a stimulated state.

Being cheerful, affectionate and approachable to your child is more important than trying to accelerate them to mastermind status. Look to stimulate their emotions as opposed to their IQ level. Don’t worry, they will eventually shine just as bright and meet their predestined intelligence levels but they will be just that little bit more connected than the child who had learning toys piled up in their younger years.

A child receiving responsive attention such as a loving touch, swaying them when needed, conversation and positivity, gets along much better with others and achieves better in life than those who are less securely attached.

The sensory part of a child's mind is the part of them that will see them accelerate beyond where the average child can reach. By actually spending time with your child in talking, spending time taking part in artistic ventures with them and even singing with them to your child about every day happenings encourages your child to be able to connect to happier moments in times of need in their life. A song can give great comfort in a moment of need, but just try hanging on to an early learning toy in a moment of need to see if that is just as good.

Anything to do with the senses like role play, art and acting things out all help children develop  problem-solving skills and give the ability to set targets in life through use of their imagination.

However, there are times when some children need to learn limits and how to handle situations in which they cannot get their own way, as at times we cannot all have our own way. A set limit on leisure pursuits helps a child understand that self-control can overcome doubt and procrastination. They will achieve goals far easier with a controlled mind than a mind that is allowed a free reign.

Punishments, either physical or through use of profane language, only serve to alienate your child as opposed to showing them through positive actions that an end result can be achieved. Use examples to show your child the difference between good behaviour and bad behaviour, while still showing them love and understanding.

As the child develops their senses, then that is the time you can make inroads into the boring academic stuff ... because at some point they are going to need such mental stimulation, but not too early in their younger years.

Ask your child for progress reports on their day, stop and listen to them ... allow them to express themselves, but also look to arouse their curiosity in things and let their ever-questioning minds to seek out what they want to know, this allows for creativity and problem-solving skills within them.

 So there you have it, a little help to fasttrack your child to success for when they are older.

Find out more about Stephen Richards and his mind power techniques here.

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