Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Power Up Your Infinite Mind With Zen Satori Moments For Success By Stephen Richards

I was curious to see what one of the online dictionaries would come up with on the word “winning”. Here is one of the definitions:

“Of or relating to the act of winning: drew the winning number in the lottery.”

It actually related to many with high hopes of success and becoming winners in life! I wasn’t even trying, yet the creative power of my thought had given me the idea of the word “winning” and then the dictionary linked it to manifesting wealth, synchronistic or what?

That led me to think that this power to think and attract in such a way is common to all. Our power to think is infinite, consequently that means our creative power is unlimited!

So I drifted off into some other thoughts, I just let my mind wander without me consciously steering it and I came up with:

The only way is to keep going forward. Ceaseless attention isn’t what creates success. Yes, give one thought the initial boost it needs, and want it like a lifeline to a new life, a new beginning, a new whatever! Then just let it go!

Good things come in threes, so my mind wandered to how, firstly, in order to manifest in the waking states you must first have self-belief in your ability. Then, secondly, dare to dream BIG! And thirdly, have the ongoing faith that what you want to have happen will happen.

Hmm these Zen Satori moments I was having were certainly paying off big style! And that’s how Einstein used to do it! He used to hold a ball in his hand and sit in his favorite chair, let his hand hang over the side and then nod off. Of course as he nodded off, the ball would fall from his hand and land on the floor and stir him to consciousness. That was the moment he would find his mind to be more creative, and that is just about what I have been doing prior to and during the writing of this post.

We have to believe that the thought we have is piecing together for us the thing we are thinking of and is actually carrying it closer and closer to us!

During a Zen Satori moment we have zero fear, zero anxiety and zero melancholy. All we have are powerful thought forces, yet in the fully conscious state our self-limiting beliefs can continually send the things we actually desire further away from us!

So get into those Zen Satori moments and find your thoughts becoming omnipotent! Discover the power of your infinite mind at your command.
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