Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Success Is Only One Thought Away By Stephen Richards


Do you realize the extent of the wonderful power that you hold in your hands? Manifestation is the results of your thoughts!

Based on the clarity of your thoughts, you get what you ask for. This same thought applies to how you perceive money or even securing success.

If you think in dimes and cents then that is how limiting your thoughts will be and how limiting your manifesting mindset will be. However, when you start thinking in hundreds, thousands and even millions of dollars then your mindset accordingly changes and you can ramp it up a step or two.

Believe you have the BIG win or success you seek in the bag and you will have it in the bag. So get rid of those dimes and nickels thoughts.

Now just imagine thinking of crisp hundred dollar bills, that is what you should carry more of in your wallet or purse. Then imagine carrying thousand dollar bills!! Woo-hoo, see what I am getting at here? Start thinking of the BIG and only the BIG win – no matter if money or success.

By just carrying those high denomination thoughts in your head will make you feel rich and that excitement and confidence will send strong emotional vibrations out to the Universe.

When this happens and you have belief in what you are carrying in thoughtform then you will find the Universe registers that as a request and will give exactly more of that feeling to you.

Feel rich and you become rich! When you become consciously confident about the BIG dollar bill thought, you will draw wealth to you through this strong vibrational thought. Think it and you will believe and when you believe it you will find it is drawn to you.

Thought is the greatest power of all powers, the most vital, subtle and irresistible force in the Universe!

By the right use of your thought-forces you can make yourself a magnet and attract to yourself all that you deserve.

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